Inside At The Nicandri Nature Center

Ponds & Aquariums

At The Nicandri Nature Center, we have an arched turtle tank and an indoor pond. Housing turtles and all different species of fish that are all native to the North Country and can be found in the St. Lawrence River.

Welcome To The Massena Nature Center
Massena Nature Center

Educational Exhibits

Featuring some of the critters you may encounter out in the wild, the Nicandri Nature Center has some incredible lifelike displays of foxes, birds, bears, beavers and more.

Interactive Displays

Listen to bird sounds, learn more about beavers, and spot many things from nature in one of our interactive displays laid out in the Nicandri Nature Center.

Soundboard display of nature music
Classroom at the Nature Center

Learning Classroom & More

Throughout the year, the Nicandri Nature Center and its staff will hold workshops and educational events in the learning classroom at the facility.

The Nicandri Nature Center also features a sitting area for the family or group to relax and take in the sounds and sights of nature while catching a break.

And A Friendly, Knowledgable Staff

Come and meet with our nature experts with the key to all-season enjoyment and learn about the wild side of the world; ranging from river creatures, wild lives, reptiles, honey bees and wolves, to browsing through the earth’s geological environments, agricultural heritages and lots more.

Nicandri Nature Center staff

Find Us In The Aquarium

Download this sheet of water creatures to find in our indoor aquarium at the Nature Center. Do you think you can find all of them?

Once you spot them and learn more, share with our staff and try to stump them with your knowledge on each of the creatures. Have fun, our staff likes a good challenge!

Download “Find Me” Sheet

Massena Nature Center Find Me