Explore Our Center

Explore Our Center

At the Nicandri Nature Center, learn more about nature both inside and outside our state of the art building. We have interactive & visual displays inside the facility to help learn more about animals and nature.

Outside, we have walking trails where you will see all sorts of nature in live action. You might even encounter a chickadee landing on your hand and get a real up close look at the beauty of nature.

Tour The Nicandri Nature Center

Take a visual tour of the Nicandri Nature Center through pictures. See some of the building, the exhibits, our learning classroom, and much more. 

What To Expect?

Arched Turtle Tank
Indoor Pond
1000 Gallon Aquarium
Turtle looking up at the Nicandri Nature Center
Nicandri Nature Center exhibit
Bee Observatory
Interactive Displays
Diorama of Habitats
Taxidermy of Native Animals to the North Country
Separate Habitats displays; Wetlands, Rivers, Meadows, and Woodlands
Outdoor wildlife on display at Massena Nature Center

Come explore the Nicandri Nature Center and see the exhibits above and much more during your trip!